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Equipment for volume filling and closing of tubes
This equipment is designed for filling paste and gel products into metal tubes. Machine with a tube inserter operates fully automatically.

Conception of the machine results from experience of users with older tube-filling machines and is as much as possible subordinated to the simplest possible machine reset to a different tube diameter and easy machine maintenance.

The machine is carousel with an 8-position turntable, which is height-adjustable as well as all adjustable components of the lower machine construction. The machine is always equipped with an unit of tube orientation according to its print mark and presence of the tube, single-acting volume filler with a pneumatic drive and cylindriconic funnel. The funnel for the product can have a cover with ultrasound sensor of product level, or if necessary the machine can be equipped with a blender of product in the funnel. When filling problematic product, the funnel can be equipped with a two-position three-way slide valve (floating version).

The filling nozzle can be replenished with a pneumatically closed taper plug, product hair blow-off or drop suction. The closing module consists of two or three pneumatic unit of tube bending and unit with a lever mechanism and removable jaws with a stamping tool for marking a charge-number.  Mechanism has a pneumatic drive. Tube ejection is automatic, by means of a pneumatic drive.

This equipment has a type certificate and is approved by ITI TÜV. Machine version UNIT Ex with certificate AO 210 (FTZÚ Ostrava – Radvanice) is designed for environment with a danger of explosion.

The machine can be supplied also for filling two components with dose volume of 50:50.

It can be equipped with automatic tube inserter.

Used materials: stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L, PTFE, packing: silicone rubber, FPM or EPDM.


Technical data: Document:
Output  1 750 tubs/h
Tube diameter  13 - 40 mm
Tube length  75 - 220 mm (without a cup)
Filling dose      I.     5 -   40 ccm 
  II.  20 - 240 ccm
Funnel volume   30  dm 3
Weight  220 kg
Power network   230V, 50Hz
  1 N PE AC 50 Hz 230 V / TN-S
Input  cca 3,7 kVA
Air pressure  0,5 MPa
Air consumption  cca 11,5 m 3/hour
Machine dimensions
length  1 200 mm
width     950 mm
height  1 750 mm
Pneumatic components  SMC
Control system  Allen Bradley
Closing jaws with removable stamps for marking data into the weld.

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